SchemaPuker v0.2 Released!

Try the new version right now at 

I have been getting a lot of feedback about SchemaPuker since its launch, and many, many people have tried it out
The response has been far more than I expected, with many tweets and even a couple of blog posts about the tool;

Lucidchart + SchemaPuker: The Winning Combination for a Salesforce Consultant
Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #220

I am so glad people are finding the tool useful, I’ve had a few feature requests and bug reports, which is why I have now released a new version, with the following changes;

  • You can now select if you want all fields displayed, or only relationship fields
  • Much better error handling!
    • Before, if something went wrong, you’d either get an ugly error page, or nothing at all, now you will get some (hopefully) useful details if something goes wrong
  • Huge speed increase, up to 5.9x faster in my super scientific benchmark*
  • All relationships should now be visible, some users were reporting that the lines connecting them didn’t show in lucidchart
    • I threw my entire dev org at it, and was able to see all the relationship lines automatically, if you are still experiencing this issue please let me know!
  • Minor text fixes

I have had suggestions for more new features, which I do plan to include in future releases, so please keep them coming!

If you have any suggestions, comments, bugs or need help you can send me a tweet, leave a comment, or send me a message!

* Super scientifc benchmark method: timing the old and new method several times and working out the average difference